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Debt Collection FAQs

How much does it costs?
Our services don’t cost, they pay. Our rates are contingent on collection and vary based on type of debt, amount listed and age of the account. For a complete explanation of our fee structure please contact us.

What steps are involved with how PCC collects?
Upon receipt of an account, a demand/validation letter is sent to the debtor. After 7 days accounts are automatically directed to a collector for appropriate follow-up.

We electronically list accounts with the credit bureau 30-40 days after the placement date. This allows time for us to contact the debtor and remedy any possible error or dispute on the account.

Skip-tracing and litigation on accounts are provided services. We do not refer claims without your authorization and we will request that authorization if we feel that obtaining a judgment is in your best interest. Additional procedures, such as garnishment, are then possible to aid in collection.

Occasionally we feel it necessary to transfer your account to an agency in the immediate area of the debtor, whether the location of the debtor is in state or out of state.

How long does it take?
As we work on a contingency basis, we start working the accounts as soon as they are listed with our office. It is in everyone involved best interest to get the debt collected as quickly as possible.

What information do I need to provide PCC to begin the process?
The debtor’s name, address, telephone number, demographic information, and employment are preferred. The last known information, if you are unsure of the current, is always  helpful.

Date of last charge (If more than one charge, use the date of the last time debtor charged.) Use only the actual charge date, not finance charge date.

Amount debtor owes. Interest is only added to a debtor’s account if the creditor is legally allowed to accrue interest.

We will require additional information regarding your account histories. All of this information is helpful in attempting to collect debts.

Are there any types of debt that PCC does not collect?
We do not collect any landlord / tenant debt. We take steps to abide by state Statutes of Limitation to ensure the accounts we collect on are legally due.

Who do I contact with more questions or to start the process?
Call us 920-921-3982, visit us at 755 South Main St., Fond du Lac, or email us at